Color as the warning color

Then would the birds that a color was bright evolve by the sex selection of the means lever? An example of the beautiful bird of the same color will include harpoon shrikes. Harpoon shrikes let a predator result in death with the strong toxicity. In addition, the appearance of harpoon shrikes resembles closely each other. From this, it may be said that relations of the Mullerian mimicry makes up between harpoon shrikes. In other words the bright color of harpoon shrikes is colored warning to tell it about own being dangerous elsewhere not a thing by the sex selection. The color of harpoon shrikes is two kinds of black and red and the bitter orange whereas there are many things that the color of the peacock was based on blue. This is colored representative warning to be common to poison frog or a firefly, and there is the creature which is poisonousness of the red and black or unpalatableness innumerably in the world. Creatures of this that is the red and black are not particular about taxon, and it may be said that we are in a relation of the Mullerian mimicry as far as it is considerably wide. However, as for the relationship, there does not seem to be a meaning even if we make appearance of the red and black because the bird of the predator side dies when it ate if it is a creature having a deadly poison like a harpoon shrike. However, it becomes clear in the study using the North American bird to tend to avoid some birds with a color of the red and black of the game on "an instinct mark". In other words, can it not be said that the color to be called black and red hides the essential thing which predators avoid not a familiar problem to say that it does not get used in the bottom?