The relationship between mimicry and the theory of evolution

In the process of life evolution , we can say mimicry is one of the causes that has changed our species. Considering this aspect , it can be said that mimicry is related to the theory of evolution.
We can demonstrate the relationship between mimicry and the theory of evolution by taking the case of butterflies. Most of the butterflies , which act during the day , have bright colors and conspicuous spots on their wings. It is true that this is useful in communicating with the same or different species , however it is also said that they give some signals to predators.
Those signals are at one time regarded as a warning color and at another time used as camouflage. Concerning the action of butterflies in daytime , there can also be the danger of being found by predatory birds. To avoid the bird’s sight , most of the butterflies raise their wings and show the reverse side when they settle down completely.
(Atrophaeneura alcinous ; above Parantica sita ; below)